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To understand the deep significance of the Knights Templar uniform, it’s important to recognise the rich (and often mysterious) history of this legendary Masonic Order. From its ancient foundations to its modern rites, we’re here to shed light on its incredible legacy.

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A square and a set of compasses linked together, commonly known as the Square and Compasses, is the most identified mark of Freemasonry. The square and compasses on the symbol are representations of the tools used by an architect. The Masonic ritual uses these tools as emblems to educate symbolic lessons to the brotherhood. Most Lodges around the world and Masonic rituals identify these symbols as lessons of conduct.

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Every Masonic Lodge either elects or appoints Lodge Officers to carry out the functions and responsibilities of the lodge's work. The actual list of officers may differ from one jurisdiction to another, though certain variables are standard for all. The duties of the Officers in a lodge are entirely established by the lodge's leaders. Much like any organization, the officers are unable to effectively function if there is no leadership team that the training needed to do the job right. The future of the lodge is determined by how good this team of officers operates together to deliver the right kind of training required for the needs of the lodge.

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A Provincial Lodge (or a Provincial Grand Lodge) is an administrative sub-division of a Freemasonry Grand Lodge. Under the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) jurisdiction, Provincial Grand Lodges are the regional authorities of the organization all over England and Wales, as well as in the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. At this time, the number of Provincial Grand Lodges regulated by UGLE is 47. The majority of these lodges have boundaries that mainly overlap with the ones from the historic England counties. A Provincial Grand Lodge is commandeered by a Provincial Grand Master.

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If there’s a piece of regalia that’s equally as fascinating as it is mysterious, it’s the Masonic ring. Some Freemasons wear them to show their dedication while others wear them to promote the organisation out in the world. Many associate them with the same level of commitment as a wedding ring.

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