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Masonic Novelty Badges

The idea behind the creation of the Masonic Novelty Badges is to spread the long cherished Freemasonry message of kindness, humanity and brotherhood in a very subtle manner. The badges are elegantly designed using such cartoon character that symbolizes masonic values long practiced since ages. You can gift the badges to those brethren who have been newly inducted in lodge and other freemasonry fellows.

The collection of Masonic Novelty Badges includes Masonic Flinstones Badge, Masonic Superman Badge, Masonic Popeye Badge, Masonic Ambulance Badge Collection, Masonic Pink Panther Badge, etc.

Owing to our widely spread network, we can ship the ordered freemasonry items all over the UK and overseas. All items are shipped packed securely in nice packaging.

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  1. Masonic Flinstones Badge
  2. Masonic Charlie Chaplin Badge
  3. Masonic Winston Churchill Badge
  4. Masonic Laurel & Hardy Car Badge
  5. Masonic Skull & Bones Badge
  6. Masonic Laurel & Hardy Lampost Badge
  7. Masonic Laurel & Hardy Sq & Compass Badge
  8. Masonic Pink Panther Badge
  9. Masonic Popeye Badge
  10. Masonic Superman Badge
  11. Masonic Top Cat Badge
  12. Masonic Laurel & Hardy Parachute Badge
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 13

Set Descending Direction