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As a member of the largest Freemason group, you already know how integral Craft Masonry is. Also known as Blue Masonry, it’s where you begin your journey in the fraternal organisation and where you build strong connections with fellow members. To participate in lodge events and ceremonies, you’ll need to incorporate various regalia into your Freemason’s uniform.

As one of the leading manufacturers and purveyors of Masonic Craft regalia, we understand the importance of looking your best. This is why our wide range of collars, breast jewels, aprons, and other gifts are fashioned by experts and personally checked by our customer experience team in the UK. Further, each piece of Masonic regalia for sale on our site is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. You can be rest assured that every purchase is an exceptional one.

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  1. Craft Provincial Undress Lambskin Apron & Collar
  2. Craft Provincial Collar Jewel ( Active Rank)
  3. Complete Masonic Stewards Apron with badge Collar & Jewel
  4. Masonic Stewards Apron with badge
  5. Masonic Stewards Apron with Collar
  6. Masonic Craft Master Masons Apron with Badge
  7. Craft WM Worshipful Masters Apron with Badge
  8. Craft Grand Rank Gauntlets
  9. Full Dress Craft Grand Rank Pack
  10. Masonic Past Masters WM Bar Jewel
  11. Men’s Masonic Pavement Design Braces
  12. Senior London Grand Rank Undress Apron Badge
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 204

Set Descending Direction