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Masonic Aprons

One of the most iconic pieces of Masonic regalia is a Freemason apron. Traditionally fashioned with lambskin and intricate embroidery, these are essentially badges which reflect each members’ dedication to constructive work within their communities (and beyond).

As a leading international manufacturer of regalia, you can always rely on the highest quality possible, guaranteed. From Craft to RSM to RA, why not choose from one of our Masonic aprons by degree? If you don’t happen to see what you’re looking for, please contact our incredible customer experience team for a custom selection. We’re so confident in the high quality of our regalia that each order comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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  1. Mark Degree Master Masons Apron
  2. Royal Ark Mariner Members Apron
  3. Royal Ark Mariner WCN / PCN Apron
  4. Royal Ark Mariner Grand Officers Apron
  5. Masonic Rose Croix 18th Degree Apron
  6. Lambskin Mark Provincial Undress Apron
  7. Mark Lambskin Provincial Full Dress Apron with Levels
  8. Royal Arch Provincial Apron Standard Quality
  9. Royal Arch Provincial Lambskin Apron
  10. Mark Grand Rank Full Dress Apron
  11. Royal Arch Grand Lambskin Apron
  12. Royal & Select Master Members Apron
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 27

Set Descending Direction