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Knights Of Malta (KM) Regalia

In the 11th century, the original Knights of Malta order was founded to provide safe passage and medical care for Christian pilgrims. After the Order of Knights Templar, it is considered one of the highest and most illustrious orders in Freemasonry. Induction ceremonies are incredibly colourful and dramatic, and members must don the appropriate Masonic regalia to attend. From mantles to gauntlets to breast jewels, our designers and craftsmen ensure the best quality items at all price points. To ensure the satisfaction of Malta Knights, each piece of regalia is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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  1. Masonic Hat Carrying Case
  2. Knights of Malta Cap Badge
  3. Knights of Malta Priors Collarette Jewel
  4. Knights of Malta (KM) Full Regalia Pack
  5. Maltese Cross Masonic Cufflinks
  6. Masonic Knight of Malta Breast Jewel
  7. Knights of Malta 100% Silk Woven Tie
  8. Knights Malta Real Leather Alms Bag
  9. Black Cotton Knights Gloves
  10. Masonic Knights Malta Badge
  11. Masonic Black Knights Malta Leather Gauntlets
  12. Knights Malta Cap with Badge
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 20

Set Descending Direction