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Masonic Collection Ltd brings an exclusive collection of Masonic Knight Templar (KT) for the freemasonry members across the world.  Our every product is made by finest quality material and symbolizes the different forms of regalia which reflect the high values of freemasonry fraternity.   

Our outstanding masonic collection comprises of Leather Knight Templar Belt & Frog, Knights Tunic & Mantle, Knights Templar Masonic Silk Woven Tie, Knights Templar Silver Cap Badge, Knights Templar Cap with Badge and many more which celebrate the belief and values of freemasons. Apart from this, we offer hassle free and quick delivery services so that you can get your products as soon as possible at your door step.

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  1. Masonic Breast Jewel Holder/ Wallet
  2. Masonic Jewel Holder & Jewel Pad
  3. Masonic Hat Carrying Case
  4. Knights Templar Cube
  5. Knights Templar Grand Master Body Guard Breast Jewel
  6. Knights Templar Faux Leather Hard Case
  7. Knights Templar Masonic Silk Woven Tie
  8. Knights Templar Breast Jewel
  9. Knights Templar Breast Star
  10. Masonic Black Knights Templar Leather Gauntlets
  11. Masonic Knights Templar Sash
  12. Knights Templar Real Leather Alms Bag
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 22

Set Descending Direction