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You’ve entered the Royal Arch Province, and you’re about to attend your meeting at the Chapter. However, you lack the regalia that you ought to be in for your provincial appointment—the attire that’s decided by the Warrants. Your predicament is understood by us at Masonic Collection Ltd. Which is why, we’ve brought a well-designed selection of regalia that are meant for Royal Arch Provincial only.

Our range of regalia chiefly consists of Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel, Royal Arch Provincial Apron with Badge & Sash, Royal Arch Provincial Lambskin Apron and even the Royal Arch Provincial Complete Pack. Everything—right from the fabric (used for creating these Masonic objects) to the packaging materials—that goes behind making these regalia yours is of unparalleled quality.

And that’s not all—we even pledge to deliver the best at the most opportune time. That’s why we ensure that the members of Royal Arch Province—who’re ordering from us—don’t have to wait for even a single moment after the decided delivery time is up.