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You, the Master of the Craft, have finally attained the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch. Now, as you’re an honourable member of the Royal Arch, you must be in proper regalia. For that purpose, we, at Masonic Collection Ltd., have brought a well-crafted selection of regalia that are specifically meant for the Royal Arch members.

Our selection consists of Royal Arch Principals Apron & Sash, Royal Arch RA Principals Sash, Royal Arch Principals Apron, Royal Arch RA Companions Apron, Royal Arch P.Z Breast Jewel, Royal Arch Officers Collar Jewel and Royal Arch Past Principals Collar. Whether it’s the metal or the fabric, everything that goes behind making these regalia is of the finest quality.

Plus, our pursuit to excellence never ends by merely creating regalia that are in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Rather, we even believe in meeting the most exacting standards of Royal Arch Members when it comes to delivering the consignment on time. So when it’s about buying quality regalia that are delivered on schedule, trust none other than us.