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Men's Masonic Gifts

Perhaps you want to celebrate fellow lodge member’s achievements. Maybe you’d like to commemorate a family member’s birthday. Whatever the reason, our range of Masonic gifts for men are painstakingly crafted to ensure client satisfaction. Elevate an otherwise ordinary dark suit with a pair of Masonic cufflinks, handcrafted with sterling silver and gemstones. For members who appreciate a good drink, why not consider an elegant, engravable hip flask or pewter tankard? The options are simply endless. When you order a men’s Masonic gift through our reputable company, each will be shipped in a handsome pouch or gift box.

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  1. Freemasons Leatherette Keychain
  2. Freemasons Leatherette Keychain with G
  3. Freemasons Craft Design Coin Holder Wallet
  4. Masonic Freemasons Working Tools Set Miniature Gift Box size
  5. Freemasons Royal Arch Chapter Napkin Holder / Hook
  6. Freemasons Forget me Knot Napkin Holder / Hook
  7. Freemasons Knight Templar Napkin Holder / Hook
  8. Freemasons Mark Keystone Napkin Holder / Hook
  9. Freemasons Masonic  5oz Hipflask
  10. Freemasons Paperweight / Penholder
  11. Freemasons Travel Passport Holder Wallet
  12. Mini Hip Flask Keyring - Masonic
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 47

Set Descending Direction