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Craft Provincial Stewards Regalia

Being a provincial grand steward is what many Masons aspire to become as it’s a privilege, given the number of appointments each year. Now, when they become provincial stewards, they’ll require regalia for their rank. We at Masonic Collection Ltd., offer a range of Masonic regalia for a provincial steward.

Whether it’s the hand embroidery or the workmanship, every Masonic object that we offer is produced after practicing great attention to detail to ensure each finished product is of the highest quality. Our range for stewards comprises Collars Aprons (imitation & Lambskin), cufflinks, pin badges, gauntlets, active rank and past rank collar jewels, ties and apron badges.

We’ve got a dedicated team from, production designers, shippers and others who work tirelessly to supply your steward’s regalia to the high quality you expect and promptly on time. However, feel free to contact us anytime if the Masonic object, which you’re requiring, isn’t on this site; we’ll be always glad to assist.

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  1. Craft Provincial Stewards Apron Badge & Collar Jewel
  2. Craft Stewards Apron Rosettes
  3. Stewards Masonic Cufflinks
  4. Masonic Stewards Polyester Woven Tie
  5. Stewards Tie & Cufflink Set
  6. Provincial Stewards Lambskin Apron
  7. Provincial Stewards Active Rank Collar
  8. Provincial Stewards Past Rank Collar
  9. Craft Provincial Stewards Apron Badge
  10. Best Quality Provincial / District Stewards Gauntlets
  11. Stewards Pin Badge
    Stewards Pin Badge
    £5.99 £4.99
  12. Provincial Stewards Collar Jewel
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 15

Set Descending Direction