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Craft Aprons

Craft is the first point of entry for new Freemasons. It is here that you learn the basics of the brotherhood – and a Masonic apron is one of the most enduring symbols of this process. Symbolising the hard work and dedication to your community, it stands to reason that you need the same level of attention to detail in your regalia.

From Provincial to Master Masons, we offer a large range of Masonic aprons by degree. If you don’t happen to see precisely what you’re looking for, contact our design team to discuss creating a custom order. With our luxe embroidery and high-quality materials, we offer a money-back guarantee for all of our regalia purchases.

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  1. Masonic Craft Master Masons MM (3rd Degree) Apron
  2. Craft Worshipful Master Apron
  3. Masonic Craft Entered Apprentice (1st Degree) Apron
  4. Masonic Craft Fellow (2nd Degree) Apron
  5. Craft Provincial Undress Lambskin Apron
  6. Craft Provincial Full Dress Lambskin Apron
  7. Provincial Stewards Lambskin Apron
  8. Grand Officers Embroidered Undress Apron
  9. Grand Officers Full Dress Embroidered Apron
  10. Masonic Craft Master Masons Apron with Badge
  11. Craft WM Worshipful Masters Apron with Badge
Grid List

11 Items

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