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Knights Templar (KT) Regalia

While the original Knights Templar uniform has evolved over the centuries, the modern Freemason order requires the same deep reverence and attention to detail. This is precisely why our team of artisans fashion each piece with incredible care. When you ascend from the Royal Arch order, be certain to choose from our quality mantles, firing swords, breast jewels and gauntlets. No detail is too small for our design team. Discover why we proudly offer a stellar customer satisfaction guarantee for not only our Knights Templar regalia, but also our entire product line.

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  1. Knights Templar I.N.R.I. Chain
  2. Knight Templar Seal Wine Stopper Gift
  3. Masonic Breast Jewel Holder/ Wallet
  4. Masonic Jewel Holder & Jewel Pad
  5. Knights Templar Preceptors Hat
  6. Knights Templar Preceptors Mantle
  7. Knights Templar Preceptors Mantle with Badge
  8. Freemasons Knight Templar Napkin Holder / Hook
  9. Knights Templar Cube
  10. Knights Templar Grand Master Body Guard Breast Jewel
  11. Knights Templar Patriarchal Cross Collarette Jewel
  12. Knights Templar Greek Apostolic Cross Great Seneschal
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 66

Set Descending Direction