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You’ve received a Mark degree in Freemasonry, and your day of honour is nigh. Now, if that’s the case, you ought to do everything to make that day special. Being a Mark Mason, everyone in your Brethren will justly expect you to be in the appropriate regalia. And meeting the expectations of your Brethren is always a fine way to make any day at the Lodge extraordinary.

We, at Masonic Collection Ltd., know this and, thus, offer a collection of regalia designed especially for Mark Masons. This selection consists of Mark Degree Master Masons Apron, Deluxe Mark WM Past Masters Full Value Pack, Mark WM Past Masters Full Value Pack, Masonic Mark Past Masters Collar with Past Masters Collar Jewel and Mark Master Masons Apron Value Pack.

Whether it’s the quality or it’s the delivery (of the shipment), we’ve successfully won the trust of many Freemasons. (And we cherish that trust and do the needful to maintain it despite the challenges posed by today’s competition.) So whenever you require adding something to your Masonic regalia, let us assist.