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It goes without saying that you’ll require exceptional regalia if you’ve just got the Grand Rank Honor’s. As the Grand Master your regalia must befit the position high quality apron and collar with heavy gold wire embroidery.

For that reason, it becomes important to contact us at Masonic Collection Ltd. That’s because we are renowned to stock only the finest regalia especially for Grand Rank. Our selection features different Masonic ceremonial objects—including Grand Officers Embroidered Undress Apron, Grand Officers Undress Collar, Grand Rank Full Dress Collar or Grand Officers Full Dress Embroidered Apron, Active and Past Rank collar jewels.

Take anything—whether it’s the fabric or it’s the embroidery—in our Grand Master’s regalia and you’ll be amazed by the levels of meticulousness that our craftspeople and designers adhere to. So, now, you know where to look at when you plan to get the best Grand rank regalia.