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We, at Masonic Collection Ltd., extend our felicitations to you for successfully becoming a Mark Man. Now, as a Master Mason, your Lodge’s brethren will look up to you when it comes to discipline and to dressing in full regalia.

Your disciplinary record is impeccable, for such a high rank is bestowed on you. However, we can assure you that your regalia are in step with those of a true Mark Man. Our range of regalia (that’s designed especially for a Mark Man like you) features Classic Grand Rank Masonic Regalia Case, Mark Grand Rank Full Dress Apron, Mark Grand Rank Full Dress Collar, Mark Grand Past Rank Collar Jewel G and Mark Grand Undress Collar.

Whether it’s your Mark Apron bordered with a blue fabric that’s got crimsoned edges or it’s your breast jewel that’s suspended from ribbons, we can supply every piece of regalia that you need. So, now, if you’re really looking forward to making the best impression at the Lodge, wear regalia that are meant for you. And when it’s about getting the best regalia, we’re the choice of nearly every Mark Man.