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Royal Ark Mariner (RAM) Regalia

Also known as RAM or Mariners, members of the Royal Ark Mariner order fall under the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons. In Freemasonry, this order is singular in that it revolves around Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood. This influence is represented by its characteristic rainbow-coloured Ark collars, ribbons and rosettes, as well as a dove holding an olive branch.

For Royal Ark Mariner rituals and ceremonies, you’ll require various pieces of Masonic regalia. From RAM aprons to breast jewels to officer collars, our handcrafted items are fashioned by our team of artisans then carefully inspected before being shipped to our international clients. To ensure complete satisfaction, each item is accompanied by our company guarantee.

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  1. Bargain Royal Arch Companions Apron & Sash with Jewel & Gloves
  2. Masonic Apron Belt Extention
  3. Classic Grand Rank Faux Leather Masonic Regalia Case
  4. Masonic Breast Jewel Holder/ Wallet
  5. Masonic Jewel Holder & Jewel Pad
  6. Royal Ark Mariner Grand Officers Apron Cufflinks
  7. Royal Ark Mariner (RAM) Collar Jewel
  8. Royal Ark Mariner Triangle Sceptre Top
  9. Royal Ark Mariner "J" Sceptre Top
  10. Royal Ark Mariner "S" Sceptre Top
  11. Royal Ark Mariner PCN Pack
  12. Royal Ark Mariner Members Pack
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 34

Set Descending Direction