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Irish Regalia

As the oldest in continuous existence, the Grand Lodge of Ireland offers a undeniable level of prestige to its members. And with that prominence comes time-honored traditions that need to be represented by Masonic regalia. From Irish Craft to Irish Knights Templar, make sure that you have the finest Masonic apparel, jewels, collars, and cases for your next ceremony.

We produce the best-quality regalia by working with trusted, experienced artisans. Whether it’s rich enamel, intricate embroidery, or supple lambskin, you can depend on their meticulous skills and attention to detail. Each piece is backed by our money-back guarantee, ensuring absolute satisfaction.

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  1. White 100 % Cotton Royal Arch Gloves
  2. Irish Royal Arch Chapter Officers Collar Jewel
  3. Irish Royal Arch Chapter Past Kings Breast Jewel
  4. Freemasons Black Polyester Masonic Tie
  5. Masonic Square & Compass Badge
  6. Masonic Sq & Compass Badge with G
  7. White 100 % Cotton Masonic Gloves
  8. Masonic Craft Entered Apprentice (1st Degree) Apron
  9. Masonic Craft Fellow (2nd Degree) Apron
  10. Mark Very WM Breast Jewel
  11. Masonic Apron Belt Extention
  12. Black Masonic Cufflinks with G
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 56

Set Descending Direction