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Masonic Badges

When it comes to Masonic Badges, a true Freemason would not be lenient, so is Masonic Collection Ltd as far as it relates to trendy masonic items.  We understand and value the essence of the masonic beliefs, and strive to reflect the same in our impressive collection Masonic Badges.

The collection includes meticulously designed Masonic Square & Compass Badge, Silver Masonic Broken Column Badge, Past Master Inchess Enamel Badge, Masonic RA Triple Tau Badge, Masonic Slipper Badge and others.

All the badges are designed using quality material that ensures durability. Further, the assortment is designed by diligent craftsmen who have extensive knowledge about masonic values and create each piece with fine detailing and passion. The badges are ideal to be worn for various functions at the lodge.

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  1. Masonic Square & Compass Badge
  2. Masonic Sq & Compass Badge with G
  3. Masonic Acacia Leaf Pin Badge
  4. Masonic Rose Croix Badge
  5. Masonic 5 Year Sq & Compass Badge
  6. Masonic Red Cross of Constantine Badge
  7. Masonic Bronze Gavel Badge
  8. Masonic Forget me Not Badge
  9. Masonic Poppy Badge
    Masonic Poppy Badge
    £5.99 £4.99
  10. Masonic Silver Gavel Badge
  11. Masonic Knights Templar Badge
  12. Silver Masonic Broken Column Badge
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 49

Set Descending Direction