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Masonic Neckties

No lodge ceremony is complete without the right Freemason regalia. When you don your suit for a function, be sure to pair it with one of our silk Masonic neckties. From Knights Templar patterns to Masonic symbols, there is a breadth of selection for all of our clients’ exacting specifications. For something a bit more unexpected, one of our Masonic bow ties offers a playful spin on a classic aesthetic. Searching for the perfect gift for a lodge member? One of our intricately crafted tie and cufflink sets makes an ideal keepsake.

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  1. Knights of Malta 100% Silk Woven Tie
  2. Rose Croix Tie with White Spots 100% Silk Woven Tie
  3. OSM Order of Secret Monitor 100% Silk Woven Tie
  4. Rose Croix Red Silk Woven Tie
  5. Mark Keystone 100% Silk Woven Tie
  6. Royal Order of Scotland ROS 100% Silk Woven Tie
  7. Knights Templar Masonic Silk Woven Tie
  8. Royal Arch Masonic Silk Woven Tie
  9. Rose Croix Masonic Silk Woven Tie
  10. Freemasons Black Polyester Masonic Tie
  11. Masonic Square & Compass Silk Woven Tie
  12. Masonic 100% Silk Woven Pavement Bow Tie
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 58

Set Descending Direction