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Royal Arch Grand

At Masonic Collection Ltd., we send you our good wishes as, now, you’ve become a Grand Master you’ve continued Craft Masonry and achieved the highest appointment. However, we won’t merely extend our felicitations to you; rather, we’ll present you a vast selection of regalia that you’ll need while attending your first meeting as Grand Master.

Whether it’s the Royal Arch Grand Lambskin Apron or it’s the Royal Arch Supreme Grand Chapter (Past Rank) Collar Jewel, our collection comprises every bit of regalia that a Companion must have. Plus, these Masonic objects and regalia are designed for a Companion; so it’s pretty visible that what all standards we’re following while crafting them.

Also, we believe that the concept of quality doesn’t end once the product is made; rather, it encompasses delivery as well. So keeping that in mind, we ensure that every shipment that’s leaving our warehouse is delivered to its destination within the agreed time frame. So come and shop some stylish regalia at our website.

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  1. RA Grand Chapter Complete Pack
  2. Royal Arch Grand Sash
  3. Royal Arch Grand Principals (Active Rank) Collar Jewel
  4. Royal Arch Grand (Active Rank) Collar Jewel
  5. Royal Arch Grand Superintendent Collar Jewel
  6. Royal Arch Deputy Grand Superintendent Collar Jewel
  7. Royal Arch Grand Principals Chain Collar
  8. Royal Arch Grand Officers Chain Collar
  9. Royal Arch Deputy Superintendent Chain Collar
  10. Royal Arch Grand Lambskin Apron
  11. Royal Arch Supreme Grand Chapter (Past Rank) Collar Jewel
  12. Royal Arch Grand Chapter Collar
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 13

Set Descending Direction