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Being a Senior Deacon, you have countless crucial responsibilities because you’re the Master’s messenger. And your position in the Lodge will be defined by the wand that you’ll carry. So when it comes to wand selection, trust none other than the best regalia supplier—that is, trust Masonic Collection Ltd.

This online regalia supplier is known to bring a range of wands that suit the preferences of every Senior Deacon. The selection includes Craft Wand Three Piece Complete with Wand Top, Craft Three Piece Wand Only, Craft Wand Top Only, Craft Wand Two Piece Complete with Wand Top and Craft Two Piece Wand Only. The material that goes behind making each of these wands is taken from the most credible sources, so the quality remains unquestionable.

Plus, our strong commitment to excellence extends even when it comes to delivering the best Masonic objects at the most opportune time. So be it a wand or any other regalia that you, the Senior Deacon, require, choose Masonic Collection Ltd.